Multi-Purpose Clarksburg Branch Line Trail Opens

The City of West Sacramento has opened a new paved, multi-use trail in Southport—the Clarksburg Branch Line Trail. Spanning 1.25 miles, the south boundary of the trail is parallel to River City High and the Recreation Center; the trail continues north past Southport Town Center, including Nugget and Target, to South River Road. Mayor Christopher Cabaldon and the City Council participated in the ribbon-cutting celebration on the trail, Jan. 31. The City expects the Clarksburg Branch Line Trail will attract students, shoppers, commuters, bicyclists, equestrians and people out for a stroll. The trail can offer an alternative to one of the major roadways in West Sacramento, Jefferson Boulevard.

The Clarksburg Branch Line Trail becomes a successful implementation of a “rails to trails” project, identified in the City’s 2013 Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Master Plan. The project received funding assistance from a grant provided by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG). After removing train tracks of the old Yolo Short Line Railroad, the City used a recycled gravel base in paving the trail. In addition, five access points and signage were included in the trail’s construction. The project attracted interest and support from numerous stakeholder groups, including the West Sacramento Trail
Riders Association, the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates and WalkSacramento. In addition to serving as a passageway for River City High students, the new trail can also be used by students attending Our Lady of Grace School.

The City also received the cooperation of the Washington Unified School District, Reclamation District 900 (RD 900), and the Sacramento Regional Sanitation District in developing the project.

There’s potential for the trail to expand within the 3.4 miles of the former Yolo Short Line within West Sacramento’s city limits, but specific expansion plans must await further development in the southern portion of the city.

Clarksburg Branch Line Trail Grand Opening - The community celebrated the opening of the new Clarksburg Branch Line Trail. Attending the ribbon cutting event were members of the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, WalkSacramento, the West Sacramento Trail Riders Association, the Chamber of Commerce, and the City Council - including Chris Ledesma, Oscar Villegas, Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, and Mayor Pro Tem Mark Johannessen. Also present were City Manager Martin Tuttle, project manager Vin Cay, and former County Supervisor Mike McGowan.


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