City Opens Dual Purpose Neighborhood Park and Water Storage Facility in Bridge District

Jerome D. Barry Park and Water Storage Facility Opens in Bridge District – On Feb. 28, the City of West Sacramento opened a neighborhood park, Jerome D. Barry Park, and water storage facility in the Bridge District, providing recreational and growing development opportunities in the riverfront community. The two acre dual purpose property replaces a former industrial site and is located at 809 Ballpark Dr. adjacent to Ironworks Homes & Lofts and west of Raley Field. Jerome D. Barry was a former justice of the peace. The water storage facility has a three million gallon capacity. Pictured, left to right, members of the Barry family, including Linda and Brian Barry and Candace Barry Curtis; City Project Manager Vin Cay; Parks & Community Services Commission Chair Bernadette Austin; Yolo County Supervisor and former City Council member Oscar Villegas; Anna M. Caballero, Secretary, California Business, Community Services & Housing Dept. and Eugene Lee, Chief, Infill Infrastructure Grant & Transit-Oriented Development Housing Programs; Mayor Christopher Cabaldon; Ron Price, Ironworks Home Owners Association; and Martin Tuttle, West Sacramento City Manager.

The City of West Sacramento has opened a neighborhood park and water storage facility in its new Bridge District, providing recreational and growing development opportunities in the riverfront community. The dual purpose facility, located on a two acre property off Ballpark Drive west of Raley Field, features the Bridge District Water Storage Facility and Jerome D. Barry Park, named for a former justice of the peace.

The park and water storage facility, which replaces a former industrial site, becomes a significant infrastructure and recreation asset for the City. The 3-million gallon distribution facility provides water for the ongoing development of the Bridge District and provides needed fire flow capacity to the northern portion of West Sacramento. The project was funded by voter-approved bonds awarded by the California Housing and Community Development Department and Community Facilities District assessments, in addition to local City redevelopment funds.

The Jerome D. Barry Park provides recreational opportunities for all ages. Features include an active play area with climbing structure, a swing set, rolling turf, benches and a more tranquil area with shade shelter and picnic furnishings. The park is designed to be “dog friendly” with a lowered drinking fountain and “doggie glove” dispensers. The climbing structure features colored rubber-surfacing made from recycled automobile tires. The park’s lighting utilizes LED fixtures for safety and security. LED lighting is also part of the unique “pipe lighting” aesthetic design feature on the 40-foot tall water storage tank visible from westbound U.S. 50 at night.

West Sacramento’s parks and historic neighborhoods naming program led to the adoption of Jerome D. Barry’s name for the new neighborhood park, adjacent to the Ironworks Lofts and Homes, off Tower Bridge Gateway. Jerome D. Barry, 1859-1931, represents one of West Sacramento’s oldest families, having been born and raised in the early Washington Township. In 1913, Mr. Barry was appointed to the position of justice of the peace by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors—honorably performing his duties for nearly a dozen years before retiring. It was said that none of his court decisions was ever overturned. While in his 20s, Mr. Barry was one of Sacramento’s early baseball heroes, winning 11 consecutive games for the Sacramento Altas in 1886. It’s appropriate that Mr. Barry’s name is now affixed to a park near Raley Field, West Sacramento’s popular Pacific Coast League franchise.

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