West Sacramento Real Time Traffic Cameras – Take a Look Before You Drive!

Fix 50 Real Time Cameras

Utilize the City's real time camera system to view the traffic at key intersections in West Sacramento to help plan your commute during the Fix 50 project.

To help assist the public during the Caltrans Fix 50 project, the City of West Sacramento has added live real time traffic cameras at key intersections throughout the city.

The public is encouraged to plan commutes, travels and business activities carefully, using the City’s traffic cameras.  Traffic intersection cameras can be viewed at www.cityofwestsacramento.org/TrafficCameras or through accessing the links provided below.  A simple click on the desired camera location will connect the viewer to real time traffic conditions.

Jefferson Blvd. and West Capitol Avenue
Jefferson Blvd. and 15th Street
Jefferson Blvd. and Stone Blvd.
Jefferson Blvd. and Lake Washington Blvd.
Tower Bridge and 3rd Street
Tower Bridge and 5th Street
Tower Bridge and Garden Street
3rd Street and E Street
3rd Street and G Street
Southport – Jefferson Blvd. at Monticello
Harbor Blvd. and Reed Avenue
Harbor Blvd. and Riverpoint Ct.
Harbor Blvd. and Industrial Blvd.
Harbor Blvd. and West Capitol Avenue

For additional information, visit the Caltrans’ Fix 50 project at www.fix50.com and the City of West Sacramento’s special website, www.cityofwestsacramento.org/fix50.

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