West Sacramento Tree Update

From the West Sacramento Urban Forest Manager:

Throughout the City of West Sacramento, our landscapes are beginning to show signs of drought stress. Turf and shrubs are browning, some trees located in turf areas are browning and defoliating in response to a reduction in irrigation as required by the State mandate.

When trees are planted in turf, they only receive irrigation intended for turf or shrubs, so the depth of irrigation is very shallow and on the surface of the turf or soil. In response to the availability of water, the trees develop surface roots which are designed to collect the limited water from the surface of the soil.  When irrigation is reduced suddenly in turf situations, trees respond immediately to the decrease as they have very few deep roots storing moisture for these situations. Trees don’t like change to occur suddenly, especially in turf environments.

To reduce the negative effects of the recent changes in irrigation, the city tree crew will be hand watering trees hit hardest by this extreme drought monthly until rain begins to fall.

Thank you to all of you who are expressing your concern for our trees.

Dena Kirtley
Urban Forest and Beautification Manager
(916) 617-4629

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