Demolition Underway of Cement Silos in West Sacramento’s Pioneer Bluff

Demolition is underway of the vacant cement silos in West Sacramento’s Pioneer Bluff. The 8 to 10 week demolition project sets the stage for the City of West Sacramento’s next transformation of riverfront in the region’s urban core, with a mixed-use, sustainable neighborhood planned for new housing, retail and office buildings. The 180-foot tall silos were originally constructed over 50 years ago, to store cement when the riverfront was characterized by industrial use. The property’s owner, CEMEX Cement, relocated to the Port of West Sacramento in 2009, leaving the silos empty since then.

“This demolition will be a very visible skyline-changer that advances the City’s commitment to reclaiming the riverfront with great mixed-use public spaces that are walkable, bikeable, and served by a future streetcar line,” said West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon as the demolition commenced. “The demolition of the silos is the last phase of a 2006 public-private plan financed by Bridge District property owners and redevelopment to remove the old Union Pacific rail track that walled-off the City’s waterfront.”

“We started with the River Walk area, anchored by the Ziggurat and CalSTRS, before moving on to the Bridge District,” observed Mayor Cabaldon. “The emerging Pioneer Bluff area will be the next major waterfront district on the west bank. As Pioneer Bluff transitions and heavy industrial uses, like the silos, are relocated, it will have new pedestrian, bike and automobile connections to neighborhoods across the river via a new Sacramento River bridge at this location. In December, we will be celebrating the opening of the Mike McGowan Bridge at the southern end of Pioneer Bluff. These two new bridges will dramatically open up access to the Pioneer Bluff area and accelerate its transformation.” Mayor Cabaldon adds, “The momentum for the transition of Pioneer Bluff to an urban riverfront mixed-use district is being fueled by our federal, state and private alliances and partnerships for sustainable growth that conserves water, habitat, and farm land, and improves air quality. The demolition of the CEMEX silos is an important step in the ongoing revitalization of the City’s riverfront, and marks the beginning of the de-industrialization efforts in Pioneer Bluff—an isolated industrial enclave since the 1940s.”

North Star Demolition and Remediation is managing the demolition of the former cement silos at 1501 South River Rd.

CEMEX Facts Sheet

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