PG&E Work on West Capitol Avenue

PG&EPG&E will begin non-destructive testing on one of its older transmission lines in West Sacramento, beginning Tuesday, Feb. 17 and continuing for 2-3 weeks. The line being tested was not part of the transmission line replacement scope completed last year. The test location is at the head end point on West Capitol Avenue, west of the Highway 80 overpass next to the Northport Pump Station. The non-destructive testing will require an 8-foot by 20-foot excavated hole, which will remove the sidewalk and the area north of the sidewalk, and the placement of two Baker Tanks for ground water in the bike lane and part of the number 2 westbound lane of West Capitol Avenue. Damage to City easements and property, including the sidewalk and roadways, will be repaired per the conditions of the Encroachment Permit as outlined by the City of West Sacramento’s Specifications.

Traffic control will consist of closing the westbound lanes of West Capitol Avenue at Northport Drive and diverting traffic onto the eastbound lanes with channelizers, flashing arrows, and appropriate signing. The excavation area will be protected with barricades, flashing lights, and a crash cushion in the westbound direction. This plan is similar to what West Sacramento experienced in the past at this location during the 172-A-Gas Line replacement project. Construction Message signs (CMS) are being placed as part of the advance notice of the project. Information regarding the traffic control measures have been coordinated with the local dispatch center, Fire and Police Departments.

Once project work begins Feb. 17, the contractor will be working six days a week (Monday thru Saturday) from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The plan is to have the site shut down by 5:30 p.m. each day. The City will have an inspector covering the job each day and on-site over the weekend at shut-down time to ensure pedestrian and traffic safety. Costs for the inspection time are being logged to a separate PG&E work order with the City being reimbursed for its expenses.

For questions please contact Jim Whiney at (916) 698-7544.

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