New West Sacramento Parkway Will Connect Southport To Raley Field And Tower Bridge


City of West Sacramento leaders break ground for Village Parkway Extension

A groundbreaking ceremony today marked the beginning of construction on a 0.4 mile roadway extension of Village Parkway in Southport. The extension will provide a link to South River Road, which connects to Raley Field and Tower Bridge Gateway.

When completed in the fall of 2016, Village Parkway Extension (North) will include street lights, sidewalks, bike lanes, roundabouts, bus stop turnouts, landscaping and shade trees. 

The City of West Sacramento was awarded a $2.5 million grant by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) Community Design Program to build the Village Parkway Extension (North) which will be administered by Caltrans. Total cost of the project is nearly $4.8 million.

In addition to the north extension of Village Parkway, the West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency will begin construction of the Village Parkway Extension (South) in October 2015 as the first phase of the Southport Levee Improvement Project. This 3.1 mile roadway is a replacement for South River Road that will be removed as part of the levee project. When completed in summer 2016, the Village Parkway Extension (South) will connect the existing Village Parkway at Lake Washington Boulevard to Gregory Avenue in the south.

“Locating the replacement of South River Road along the Village Parkway as described in the City’s General Plan demonstrates an alignment of flood and City transportation objectives, maximizing the City’s investment in our flood and roadway infrastructure,” said Mayor Christopher Cabaldon. “This is a unique opportunity that benefits the flood project by locating the roadway away from the levee and removing potential conflicts with levee maintenance and possible flood fighting, while simultaneously providing improved traffic circulation on the east side of Southport.”


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