West Sacramento Fire Launches Life-Saving Smartphone App

Imagine sitting in a restaurant, while in an adjacent dining room, a patron goes into cardiac arrest. You’re trained in CPR, but your back is to the emergency, and you’re only made aware of the situation after paramedics rush by to help the person in medical distress.

If you had the GPS based PulsePoint App, you would have been alerted to the exact location of the victim, and could have started CPR right away, keeping the patron alive until help arrived.

The West Sacramento Fire Department is now part of the PulsePoint network, and is coordinating efforts with emergency agencies throughout Yolo County.

West Sacramento Fire Chief John Heilmann explained how it works during a public unveiling at Fire Station 45 Friday morning.

Made possible by funding from the Yolo County Emergency Medical Services Agency, PulsePoint subscribers that have indicated they are trained in CPR can now be alerted if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency.

The App also includes a tutorial on hands only CPR, which can be learned in minutes.

“Doing something is always better than doing nothing,” says West Sacramento Division Fire Chief Rebecca Ramirez. “Just giving compressions only to somebody will increase their chances of survival in cardiac arrest dramatically.”

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