Yolobus Route 35 Revisions Go Into Effect July 3

The following is an email to the YoloBus ridership.

Dear West Sacramento Transit Rider/West Sacramento Resident/Interested Persons:

During the community outreach meetings earlier this year, City and District staff recommended elimination of the Lake Washington/Village Parkway/Stonegate Loop on Yolobus Route 35.  At the Community’s request, this draft proposal was revised to create a new loop along Linden Road /Redwood Road/Lake Washington Boulevard.This new schedule and route will go into effect on July 3, 2016.

The following stops will be added or eliminated to accommodate the revised route.Please modify your trip according to the new stops, schedule and route.

New bus stop installations:

  • On Linden, NE corner of Linden/Mojave.
  • On Linden, SE corner of Linden/Mojave.
  • On Redwood, east side of Redwood, north of Linden.
  • On Redwood, west side of Redwood, north of Linden.

Bus stops to be removed:

  • Eastbound on Stonegate, just east of Mesa Grande.
  • Westbound on Stonegate, at Mesa Grande.
  • Eastbound on Stonegate, SE corner of Stonegate/La Jolla.
  • Westbound on Stonegate, NW corner of Stonegate/La Jolla.
  • Southbound on Village Parkway, south of Stonegate (in curb-out area).
  • Northbound on Village Parkway, south of the curve onto/into Stonegate.
  • Eastbound on Lake Washington, SE corner of Lake Washington/Redwood.
  • Eastbound on Lake Washington, east of Jefferson.

Staff will be out on Route 35 the week of June 20th to distribute flyers with the new schedule and route.    A complete revised West Sacramento schedules/routes brochure will be available the week of June 27th.

If you have any questions, please contact Jose Perez at (530)402-2826 or jperez@yctd.org

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