Reminder: Police K-9 Competition and Dog Licensing at River City High This Sat.

You’re invited to a police dog competition hosted by the West Sacramento K-9 Association at River City High School on Saturday, June 25th.

Bring your dog to get licensed by Yolo County Animal Services. Dogs must be licensed in the City of West Sacramento.

K9-Flier West Sacramento

The K-9 competition is sanctioned by the Western States Police Canine Association.

It starts with a search at 8am. The handler will direct their K-9 to find a hidden person somewhere on a competition field. The person is generally hidden in a car, truck or box.

The second phase is agility. This challenges the K-9’s environmental skills as the handler must have the K-9 traverse various obstacles like teeter-totters, narrow walkways, six foot walls and culverts.

The third phase is obedience. The K-9 will proceed onto the field and be asked to perform a variety of turns and movements which must be done flawlessly for maximum points. There will be a variety of distractions on the field and the handler and K-9 must move in sync.

Finally, the protection phase. There will be four scenarios which will test the K-9’s ability to apprehend a suspect under different stressful conditions. This is a crowd favorite because they will witness the K-9’s ability to scramble over obstacles and bite decoys wearing large puffy bite suits.



K9 units’ skills put to test in competition in West Sacramento

Police dogs to show off skills in West Sacramento

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