The New and Improved George Kristoff Water Treatment Plant

West Sacramento’s George Kristoff Water Treatment Plant operations are being upgraded to the use of Liquid Chlorine instead of Chlorine Gas. The change is a preventative measure to make operations safer. Chlorine gas can be fatal if inhaled. And although there have been no incidents with chlorine gas in West Sacramento, the conversion of the plant will improve working conditions. The project started on April 25, 2016 and the old chlorine system will be completely removed by February of 2017 after the liquid chlorine is in full service.

Pic 1

Water Plant Superintendent Chris Kania stands with Project Manager Fred Tadewaldt and Intern Gursewak Singh as they oversee the concrete pour.

Pic 2

This $1.5 million project is among one of the largest projects in West Sacramento. The George Kristoff Water Treatment plant can be seen along North Harbor Blvd. and is located next to the California Highway Patrol Academy.

The project is scheduled to completed this fall.

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