Amgen Tour Races Through West Sacramento this Sunday!

Looking for something to do on Mother’s Day? Head over to the Amgen Tour of California this Sunday to catch the riders passing through. The race will start at approximately 11:25 a.m. at the State Capitol and finish at the State Capitol.

This first stage will cross the Tower Bridge into West Sacramento and continue south on South River Road. At the south end of the City racers will cross westbound on Burrows Road and continue southbound on Jefferson Boulevard into the Delta. The route will loop around Ryer Island and return into West Sacramento on South River Road. Bikers will continue northbound on South River Road and cross over the Tower Bridge into Sacramento for the finish.

The best viewing location for spectators would be the Tower Bridge Gateway between the Tower Bridge and 5Th St. Additional time should be allowed for travel in the impacted areas.

Keep in mind that several roads will be closed while racers pass through and reopened upon their exit. Below are the maps that outline closures in our area.


Men’s 1st Stage


Women’s 3rd and 4th Stages

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