Safe and Sane: Fireworks on the 4th

The West Sacramento Fire Department has gathered a list of tips for staying safe as well as where to purchase state of California approved Safe and Sane fireworks. The WSFD wants this 4th of July celebration to be the happiest and safest ever using these helpful guidelines:

When can I use consumer fireworks?

Safe and Sane fireworks can be used in West Sacramento from 12:00 p.m. June 28 through 12:00 p.m. July 6.

How can I be sure to use Safe and Sane fireworks properly?

-Only use fireworks outdoors 
-Have a bucket of water and a hose ready before lighting fireworks 
-Only light one firework at a time
-Use common sense and keep a safe distance
-Never attempt to re-light or “fix” fireworks that fail to ignite
-Designate a person who knows each firework, how it performs and how to light it correctly 

More firework safety tips:

-Supervise children’s use of state-approved fireworks (look for the state Fire Marshal seal on the fireworks or the box containing the fireworks. If in doubt, check with your local fire or police department)
-Never point or throw fireworks at others
-Never experiment with fireworks
-Never carry fireworks in your pockets

Where can I purchase Safe and Sane fireworks in West Sacramento? 

Non-profit organizations: locations:
Joe 238 Foundation 940 Sacramento Ave
First Baptist Church of West Sacramento 1300 Jefferson Blvd.
Youth for Christ/Collings Teen Center 1298 West Capitol Ave
Moose Lodge #1762/Women of the Moose 2250 Lake Washington Blvd.
Apostolic Faith Tabernacle Church/United Apostolic 755 Riverpoint Ct.
Lighthouse Covenant Church/Mercy Coalition 1601 West Capitol Ave
West Sac Little League/West Sac Jr. Raiders Youth Football and Cheer  2455 Jefferson Blvd.
River City Music Boosters/ West Sacramento Rotary Club  2000 Town Center Pl.

Where can I dispose of fireworks?

Community members wishing to turn in fireworks for disposal may contact the West Sacramento Police Department non-emergency phone, 916.372.3375 or bring them to a West Sacramento Fire Station.

What if I use fireworks that are not Safe and Sane approved?

Having possession of “dangerous fireworks”- those not approved as Safe and Sane by the State Fire Marshal’s office – is a violation of the California Penal Code and Health and Safety Code, and is subject to felony violations. You may also be liable for any damages or injuries caused by your family’s use of fireworks.

How can I find out more about firework safety?

For more information about celebrating the fourth of July safely, click here


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