Linden Road Informational Meeting, August 15

Concerned about the changes on Linden Road? Come to City Hall tomorrow night to have all your questions answered.LInden Loop road striping flier


  1. Why are we doing the project?

The City has received numerous complaints about speeding along Linden Road west of Jefferson Blvd (Linden Loop) and several speeding related collisions have occurred.  The ultimate goal of this project is to address the speeding issue that exists along Linden Loop.

  1. How come stops signs/speed bumps are not being put in at various locations throughout Linden Loop to reduced speed?

Speed bumps and stop signs do not address the root cause of speeding and generally lead to traffic congestion and cut through traffic on roadways not meant to support higher traffic volumes. In addition, speed bumps can be unsafe on roadways with speeds higher than 25 mph.

  1. Why are the travel lanes being reduced from 4 to 2?

The volume of traffic does not support the need for 4 lanes throughout the loop. During the school year the maximum volume of traffic observed during pickup and drop off is 750 vehicles/hour. A single travel lane in the Linden Loop area has a capacity of 1600 vehicles/hour. By reducing the lanes from 4 to 2 the City hopes to address the speeding issue.

  1. Why is the parking being reconfigured?

By reconfiguring parking, the City is trying to create safer buffered bike lanes. These bike lanes are essential to building a full network of bike-friendly routes especially around schools.  Citywide, only 3% of Washington Unified School District elementary school students bike to school in a recent survey. By enhancing facilities on schools routes we hope increase the amount of students who will bicycle and/or walk to school.

  1. How will Southport Elementary be effected?

Throughout the design of this project, the City coordinated with Southport Elementary to determine the needs of the school. Staff observed school pick-up and drop-off during peak periods. Before the project, vehicles entering the school parking lot would back up on Linden Road to Independence Avenue, essentially blocking the right lane. The new configuration provides a lane exclusively for vehicles entering the school which helps to prevent vehicles from parking along the sidewalk at this location.  This will also keep vehicles from weaving back into traffic.

  1. When is the work in front of Southport Elementary going to be completed?

The major striping in front of the school will completed before the start of school on August 16, 2017.

  1. Are the manholes that are raised up out of the roadway going to be repaired?

Yes, the roadway failure around the manholes are being addressed by our public works crews. Temporary patching is already in place. This will be followed by a permanent fix.


Linden Road is Part of Bike Lane Gap Closure Project

West Sacramento Bike Gap coverage area map

  • Construction of the Bike Lane Gap Closure project is in progress with completion scheduled for October. The map above shows various construction locations. The project will add to the existing bike lane network throughout the City and help resolve speeding issues along Linden Loop.
  • The project is consistent with the City’s Strategic Plan of providing a variety of transportation options for its residents including bicycle improvements as outlined in the City’s Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trials Master Plan
  • A $593,000 Active Transportation Program grant via Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) was the primary funding source.

For more information please contact: Jesse Khatkar, Assistant Engineer,

Phone: 916-617-4667 Email:


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