Portion of West Capitol Ave Closed for Construction

West Capitol Avenue Closure

Work continues on the closed portion of West Capitol Avenue between Grand Street and 5th Street. This project will reconfigure West Capitol Avenue while adding a 7th Street connection to Tower Bridge Gateway. This section will be reopened by September of 2018. Local traffic access will be maintained to the business entrances and exits along West Capitol Avenue near 5th Street during construction.

green water pipes stacked up in Washington District staging site in West Sacramento


Grand Gateway

  • Soil and concrete removal, and grading.
  • Trench and underground utility work on Tower Bridge Gateway, starting from 5th Street working toward 7th Street will continue.  This will result in minor traffic impacts of continued turn lane and shoulder closure.

 Washington District

  • Continue installing 12” sewer line on E Street, starting from the 4th Street intersection working eastward. This work will require lane closures and short detours.
  • Start work on the F Street sewer work from 5th Street to 3rd. This work will require lane closures and short detours.


The City of West Sacramento began construction of the Grand Gateway / Washington District Infrastructure Project on November 13, 2017. The project will add a new segment of 7th Street connecting West Capitol Avenue to Tower Bridge Gateway and a new traffic signal at the Tower Bridge Gateway – 7th Street intersection. It will also create a Grand Gateway entrance to the City core where the Bridge District, Washington District and Downtown converge. In addition, the project will add and replace over 10,000 lineal feet of storm drain, water and sewer mains to facilitate development in the historic Washington District. Multi-modal transportation improvements will incorporate way-finding and public art to the Riverfront and will better accommodate transit, bicycles, pedestrians and automobiles.

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